“We help smart business owners maximize their ad spend so that they can decrease their customer acquisition costs and increase their profit margins.”

Understanding Your Business

Custom Solutions for Your Goals

We are committed to learning about your business and the services or products you offer. One of the best ways we can help you, is by learning every detail about your perfect customer. By educating ourselves on who your target audience is, we can craft a marketing campaign that speaks directly to them and makes them feel like they are part of the conversation, which in turn decreases cost per click, cost per lead and ultimately increases bottom line profits, while serving your audience in the best way possible.

“The way your target audience consumes information and marketing changes rapidly. Your marketing strategies should be the same.”

Best Practices and Cutting Edge Innovations

Quality Work for Best Results

212 stands for the “Boiling Point”, the extra degree for greatness, always pushing the envelope. For almost a decade we have striven to stay in the forefront of digital and video marketing while either utilizing the latest in technology, or creating it ourselves where we see the need and opportunity. Most businesses adopt “new” marketing techniques or advertising strategies once they are already dominated by their competition. We understand that it’s not your job to stay on the cutting edge of digital marketing, that is why we take our responsibility in this area very seriously. With us, you will only experience next level marketing techniques that are based on best practices and proven strategies, which exploit current holes in the market.

Dependability, Transparency and Honesty

See Your Work, Expect Ongoing Performance

Our Founder, Matt Aponte’s life is based on the three core values of Dependability, Transparency and Honesty. These core values can be found in everything we do from the solutions we propose for your marketing, down to the monthly reporting we provide to our clients. We are open concerning what we do and just how we do it for our clients to provide them with the most effective long-lasting value. We are constantly making ourselves available to assist, as well as lead our clients via recognizing exactly how their campaigns are doing and what it is that we can do for them to give them extra value.

Our Team

Matt Aponte


Company manager and “brain-child” behind the 212 brand and the evolution of the company from just a camera and a dream in 2009 to where it stands today as one of the leading Video Marketing Agencies in the nation.

Jessica Aponte


Head of sales and operations.  Passionate about new client acquisitions and helping SMB’s take their marketing to the next level and maximizing their existing marketing budgets with our in-house services.

Tony Aponte


SEO expert, serial entrepreneur as well as our Digital Marketing expert and consultant for the latest trends in the digital arena.

Matt Watkins


Videographer, entrepreneur, as well as a strategic and creative managing partner who assists in the companies overall direction and heads up our video production team.

Tracy Lamch


Entrepreneur and head of our review management department ensuring quality and effective google review services for our clients.

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