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Proprietary Interactive Video Technology Increases Your Video Conversions Up To 83%

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Let Your Viewers Take Control

Create videos that your customers want to watch.

This customer education video by Toyota allows users to take the 4Runner out for a virtual test drive by viewing or passing on different pieces of content and then finding a dealership nearby to schedule a real test drive.

See How Toyota Had Fun With Interactive Video



And it is so simple with our Interactive Video Service. 

Top Social Influencers, Brand Ambassadors, and Salespeople always engage their audience with SPECIFIC/RESULT oriented questions. 

Then CUSTOMIZE their content or response based on the answers viewers give. Which results in a massive increase in conversions & profits. Because once people tell you what they want, selling gets REAL easy.

Obviously, this was impossible for small business owners to do, UNTIL NOW!

With our newly updated cutting edge interactive video technology that before only billion dollar companies and marketers with deep pockets could afford, is NOW available to you and your business.

Brands That Trust 212 Creative Media

More Leads, Sales & Profits With B.D.R.M.

“Behavioral Dynamic Response Marketing” … fancy for “engage your viewers individually”.

Works better than ANYTHING to make you more profits from video.

Watch the interactive video to see how Maybelline New York uses it to achieve a purchase rate 14X HIGHER than the industry average. 

This IV gave Maybelline New York a click-through rate 14x higher than industry average, they also gained editorial coverage on consumer and trade press outlets and extended Maybelline New York’s positioning as an innovative first mover.

It Worked For Maybelline New York

Eliminate Your Competition, Increase Your Sales

It turns AVERAGE/NORMAL video marketing which anyone can do, into a customized EXCLUSIVE video-interactive-conversion-machine that has NEVER BEEN AVAILABLE TO YOUR MARKET BEFORE TODAY:

Behavioral Video Marketing

By AUTOMATICALLY delivering custom EXCLUSIVE VIDEO content based on the unique behaviour of each viewer.

Viewer Engagement

It skyrockets engagement and makes drop-off rates a problem only your competition will face.

Perfect Pitch

We deliver the perfect pitch to the perfect prospect at the perfect time...

Reduce Employee Training Hours By 50%

Just like The Learning Care Group did

The  Learning Care Group, the second-largest for-profit child care provider in North America, used interactive video to reduce employee training hours by 50 percent giving significant savings and an increase in productivity. 

See How The Learning Care Group Used Our Platform

Who Wants To Increase Their Video Engagement And Conversions With A Whole NEW Profit Producing Engine?

Everyone! Any kind of business can benefit from our interactive video service, even an electrician like our example below.

In-Depth Performance Analytics

Learn how your viewers are engaging.

What good is an interactive video, if you do not know how your viewers are engaging? We provide you with access to your very own analytics dashboard so you can see exactly how your interactive video is performing. At the same time we track clicks, conversions, revenue, retention rate, what path is being taken, plus much more. You can even embed your FB  or Google Adwords Pixels within our videos.

I had the privilege to work with Matt and his team on a project last summer. They filmed us presenting new model cars for web and social media distribution. I was extremely impressed with the results. It more than exceeded any expectation that I had about the project. Matt and his team were extremely professional and very helpful through the whole process. Since then we have received fantastic reviews from customers online and from people who saw the videos on YouTube, Facebook and other social media sites. I would highly recommend Matt and his 212 Creative Media team for any video production or marketing project that you may be considering. I have used them multiple times without hesitation.

Matt Zimmerman
Sales Management, Duval Acura

Did you know that over 82% of the video marketing campaigns fail? Don’t let yours be one of them.

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